During the day, I sit in a chair and make web sites. But my portfolio is really old right now and the thought that you might see it makes me wince a little bit. Eventually I'll update it and you'll be like, "Wow, all of these sites look alike, sort of like when a band's songs all kind of sound the same. But they're pretty nice."

I considered linking to some recent work from here, but I don't really want my clients to see this referral page in their stats and then come to dorkist and read things like this, because that makes me wince a little bit, too.

If you're really curious, you can write to me and we can talk about the internet and how it changed everyone's lives and how clean designs are so much better than designs that use lots of gradients and shadows. And then I'll show you some sites I've done where they made me use lots of gradients and shadows, but of course the clients didn't specifically request those things, they just said, "It's boring," or, "I thought you understood that we wanted our site to be jazzier," and I had to guess that what they meant by that was something really ugly, and then I gave it to them. "It" being "something ugly," not "a piece of my mind."