January 2007
new year, new style

December 2006
a greeting

November 2006
it's actually about clothes
our old house
special thanked
being like a blogger

October 2006
new home, new flavors
or were you?
real estate is a real drag

September 2006
what it's been
won't you give me a smile

August 2006
photos von andy
edinburgh so far

July 2006
hats off to all of us
magical world of

June 2006
cereal dater
weekend times
home economics

May 2006
tv eye
obtaining the prize

April 2006
i won a bike
and while we're at it, makeup
filet of fashion

March 2006

February 2006
“or whatever”
letter to levi's

January 2006
turn and face it
melody on parade
new year's eve

December 2005
some things i saw
current nostalgia

November 2005
poor customer service from toshiba
turkey thieves
rhode island
prometheus light show
that's my boss

October 2005
sudden recommendations
own make meals, and more
and wiser

September 2005
starship enterprise
family dynamic
creating space
it's a beach house!

August 2005
the front door
true brew
burning up

July 2005
art history
summer magic

June 2005
skirting the issue?
running for the human race
kleenex's response
letter to kleenex
the most terrible thing ever
properly attired

May 2005
ups doesn't knock and i caught them
wovo wares finale

April 2005
wovo wares
rest and the west
april showers... of color!

March 2005
nothing we haven't been through before
some title!
the waning weekend

February 2005
sick cinema!
many of my teachers were former nuns
my mom's friend, 1972
bottom up

January 2005
dots for everyone
more than you ever had before
2004 was a whole year long
it happened to me

December 2004
december highlights

November 2004
watchin' the clothes go round
the darker side of thanksgiving
what it all is now
so it was halloween again

October 2004
midnight pajama jam
why, even dracula will be there!
older and lamer, daily
orange and blue
books from 25
it's my birthday, so happy birthday...
october, light

September 2004
inhaling and exhaling
adventures in wonderlands

August 2004
the price of cool
i've been waitin', for a photobooth, to come into my life
high school cafeteria redux

July 2004
just hold on, hold on to your dreams
stop hiccups dead: wisdom that works
ups is not the best
greenpoint sunset
spelling memory
so as to remember later
the only joke i know

June 2004
stop bugging me
i can't pull my thing, but that can't happen with us

May 2004
icy cool flavor

April 2004
cooler than most
oops, missed march

February 2004
some stuff is hard to believe

January 2004
the ranks
winners and losers
got a photograph, picture of

December 2003
visual stimulation

November 2003
on track

October 2003
i am helping you

September 2003
john ritter
update from suburbia

August 2003
thousands of words

July 2003
totally USA
can it BE?
sweet summertime

June 2003
i won't get fooled again

May 2003
for entertainment purposes only
dear mom and dad

April 2003
how to have a good weekend
the photo
[been meaning to update...]
days of wine and roses

March 2003
this case is closed
taking stock of stolen goods

February 2003
snow bunny
"I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow" (not really)
Reviewing some superficial news as I wait for frozen pizza to cook
[for those who fear...]

January 2003
Lomo at last
Chuckie Baby
[this week has been...]
1:30 a.m.
Boring recap of goals, then listing of new goals, which are similar to old ones

December 2002
Click click click click click click.
roots rock rebel
[one of my recent traditions...]
Heft, and later the absence of it
[laundry made me cry]

November 2002
fall snapshot

October 2002
getting the boot

September 2002
new, fresh, vibrant

August 2002
face it
How I Spent My Saturday, By Beth
time out
[today was an uncharacteristically huge bore...]

July 2002
more, more, more
see that girl, watch that scene
untitled #60
fresh fruit
on heat, generic soda, sunscreen, and showing up
words relating to the voluntary powers; individual volition

June 2002
on tour
Is this risqué? I don't think it is.
venting about admonishment
sometimes people get annoyed with me
this is how I'm avoiding writing about drive-ins
[it's too warm to sleep...]
Freitag ist frei
Tape, glass, and people all are fragile

May 2002

April 2002
Que sera sera

March 2002
More than myth
You thought you heard a sound
Just Enough For the City
Movin' On Up, Part Zwei

February 2002
Movin' On Up
Happy Valentine's Day, In Advance
Letter to my landlord

January 2002
TV Shows I Might Watch if I Find Them On: An Incomprehensive List
Get the Message
People Think I'm a Vegetarian
My Kitchen Still Hates Me
[when i was young...]
[pessism comes in fits...]

December 2001
[chris turns 21 today...]
[this photograph illustrates my loneliness...]

November 2001
[last night i felt ill...]
[i have been very productive...]
[at right: just a taste...]

October 2001
[at the parties...]
[i have decided to be...]
[so, it's been a month...]

September 2001
[life is beginning to...]
Some Perhaps Less Pertinent Questions, But Stuff I Have Been Thinking About
[i think that not writing...]

August 2001
[someone must have some...]
[finally dropped off denmark photos...]
[i thought of something...]
[well, i'm back from abroad...]

July 2001
[so close, yet so...]
[so i'm sitting here...]
[today i learned that...]
[so it's july now...]

June 2001
[today is my one year anniversary...]
[this entry is going...]
[i have been waking...]
[i think that this...]

May 2001
[i will not write...]
[lately, when i have...]
[of all the dumb...]
[today all the employees...]

April 2001
[this is bb bunny...]
[note about life...]
[today, as my mom...]
[cleaned up greg's resume...]
[i read some of this...]
[i'm slightly tipsy...]

March 2001
[i am not very with it...]
[dumb things i've done...]
[i haven't been very happy...]
funeral + apartment break-in
[this is greg's old apartment...]
[sometimes, little things can...]

February 2001
[steve sent me some questions...]
[taking stock of the filth...]
[this happened almost a year ago...]
[last night, greg and i...]

January 2001
[got CDs from columbia house...]
crushingly dull
it's unimportant
[la la la la...]
on air
[i was watching VH1's...]
[for this year...]
too much introspection
web ramblings
still a material girl
sucked in to CD gluttony
[new years was quiet...]

December 2000
silly me
[one of the coolest channels...]
[i really need to...]
[must write 14-page research paper...]
[i live on one half...]

November 2000
[i've been a busy worker...]
[i saw frank lloyd wright's...]
[today, i learned that...]
[currently on hold...]
[i am home sick...]
[current & recent bad things...]
[well, my internet connection...]

August 2000
[what's to tell?]
[today i went to villanova...]
[steve said in one...]
[greg was here...]
[okay, so you can...]

July 2000
[does the lack of response...]
[well, none of the links...]

May 2000
the government knows what you're doing
quotation nation
pee pain, red ants

April 2000
special god day
panic in Pittsburgh
private relations
waiting for that Petty song about losers to come true
not really a nominee
I don't really like my calendar

March 2000
NFL Films Fun
i am not your friend
untitled, not unlike cindy sherman's cool stuff

February 2000
in the a.m. time
dorkist bashed!
martin short interview
grammar showdown
batman dye job
my day, by beth
[i'm never gonna get...]
no runner-ups
[yesterday i interviewed...]
in contention
[happy v-day, guys...]
salon radio
greg pooed
[ballet lessons did not...]
shh! It's a secret(ary)
[yesterday was bad...]
[today i start temping...]
[i have, for the past...]
check this out
dreams in high places
[i'm gonna dash off...]

January 2000
talkin' 'bout my domain registration
[a sad e-mail arrived...]
[today was my last...]
it's been a long time, been a long time, been a long...
[not only have i...]
acquiring stuff
that fine fine music
sluggish and linky
[in class tonight, i...]
[so i caved in...]
[i can't get out...]
the lovely l----s
[i'd been noticing that...]
universal pictures
picture perfect
[i was thinking, earlier...]
[writing a resume is...]
temporary conversation
approve me
don't just sit there
going to cleveland
[i haven't accomplished much...]
hi pop
it's snot
[break is almost over...]

December 1999
sexy resolutions
naked on roller skates
xmas, ugly t-shirt, I am mean
redhead on blonde
clothes donkey
riff raff
[back at home now...]
it's funny
[oh my...]
joblink usa
[i've been on the web...]
miss accomplished
[one of my dreams...]
she's got legs
cold feet
mr. m, with a munchy mouth
[i've only had one...]
greed and the modern girl
second gear
[i wonder if it...]
xmas unjustness
[it's extremely early...]
i am art
dry goods
on whoring
[greg is in the...]
beauty of dumb job
[do bugs freeze?]

November 1999
sleeping with Bruce
[break is over...]
fat dimmer
secret free library of phila entry
[there are no issues...]
[my weekend review]
talking out loud
[my computer is acting...]
[because i haven't addressed...]
[i am not one with...]
[it's 11-11...]
[i'm feeling a bit...]
[i did it again...]
[at 1:56 a.m., i...]
[for awhile this weekend...]

October 1999
[i haven't gotten much...]
[i'm in the process...]
[oh, busy week...]
no money = sad and downtrodden
[i shopped today...]
to do soon
[i have to get...]
[i really like eating...]
[it's been a week...]
out on the streets
beerbot memorial placard
[it's the aftermath of...]

September 1999
wecka wecka wow
[art midterm went predictably...]
art midterm and freaky dream
[one person has visited...]
names and fires
[i signed up to...]
[i'm ditching the internship...]
[walking home from work...]
[this weekend greg is...]
some girls like to party.
[i have this really...]
[it's 3:51 a.m....]
[yesterday was the first...]
[i'm not doing anything...]

August 1999
[i'm sleepy...]
[just as i didn't...]
[i don't feel like...]
[today i'm driving home...]
[classes i wish i'd taken at pitt]
[i listen to classic...]
[i don't really like...]
[a meryl streep complexion]