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"So what did the second guy in Wham do?" -- man in late 20s, sitting in a restaurant, overheard through a large open window.
3/2003 | overheard by Steve and me in New York
"I'm drunk, and I'm calling you." -- man in late 20s, walking down the street around 6 p.m., speaking on a cell phone.
3/2003 | overheard by Steve and me in New York
"I said that back in '86. When you mess with spiritual people, you lose a space shuttle."
3/2003 | overheard on a bus by Jelsol
"...so she says, 'What about the *Falklands*?'!"
3/2003 | overheard a few years back by David M.'s friend on Forbes Ave. in Pittsburgh
"So, are we having a war?" -- a guy talking into a cell phone on the night Bush started bombing Iraq
3/2003 | overheard on 14th Street in New York by Litzkaya

"So did you make out a lot?"
4/2003 | overheard "on the pavement" by the Ricksta

A man shouting to a woman in a second story window in a housing project:
Man: "Whatchu makin lata?"
Woman: "Huh?"
Man: "Watchu makin lata?"
Woman: "Huh?"
Man [switches to perfect, unaffected English]: "What. Are. You. Making. Later."
4/2003 | overheard by paco
"And I Told him! I am a Masseuse!" -- woman of indeterminate age, wearing a pink pleather miniskirt
4/2003 | overheard by stephen at 3 a.m. in a Houston diner
"Has he ever even Fucked a white chick?" -- one aging hipster woman to another
4/2003 | overheard by stephen in Greenwich Village