Flights to London Heathrow, Philadelphia | 2001.08.07

I woke up early. Most of the girls in my room knew I was leaving for home today, so I didn't feel too bad about waking up before them. The showers were pretty keen, spacious and with a private changing area. The only challenge was to keep my clothes from getting wet as I showered.

We took the bus to the train station, then boarded a train for the airport. I thought I might have to pay, but my Copenhagen card worked. A very cool thing, that card. While I didn't get my money's worth literally, it saved much hassle with all the bus riding we were doing.

At the airport, Chris and I bought ice cream treats and sat outside the gate area. I don't remember what we talked about, but I remember feeling peaceful and fulfilled. Eventually we parted ways. I forgot to give him my spare Danish change.

With the flights commenced the feeding, but the food seemed less appealing this time around. The wait at London Heathrow was 4 hours, during which time I bought the wrong kind of tea at Harrod's for my coworkers and sat for awhile playing Gameboy and listening to Nick Drake on my walkman.

The flight to Philadelphia seemed particularly long. I watched The Wedding Planner, then that movie about the computer programmer who discovers the evil doings of America's largest computer conglomerate. Neither was particularly good or bad, but I felt depressed when the flight people showed them again rather than showing another movie.

I arrived at Philadelphia with my new corduroy jacket on over a long sleeved black shirt. It was 98 degrees outside. The guy babysitting the line for passport check kept saying to people, "You're gonna wanna take that jacket off!" He said it to me, too.

My parents were waiting for me at baggage claim, looking summery and touched by the sun. They'd taken a day off from their own vacation at the Jersey shore to pick me up. We found my bag, and I got in the car, exhausted. When I got back to my apartment, I showered and changed and met them at the Boat House. They wanted to hear everything about my trip, and I think I disappointed them. Everything was too fresh in my mind, and I was too spent to piece it together into stories. I told them they'd have to wait for Chris to be here, and for the pictures, and for the journal.